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April 9, 2013

vermeer's lead-tin yellow

When I was in New York in December, I visited the Frick Collection with my mom. The art is amazing, especially if you love French Impressionism or Rococo. Even if you don't, you should go just to see the mansion!

The painting that caught my eye more than any other was Mistress and Maid by Vermeer. The yellow he used, "lead tin yellow," is electric in person! It was so unusual and happy. I think of this painting whenever I see bright, lemon yellow.

Inspired by Vermeer


Jillian JillianReneDecor said...

This is beautiful! I love your inspiration - thank you so much for including my pillow in your collection!

Anne said...

You're right--the yellow in that painting is electric and definitely memorable! Such a fun jolt of color amidst the darker, muddier tones.