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April 29, 2013

pillow styling for sofas & sectionals

Love pillows, but have a hard time styling them? I created this little diagram to show some ideas of how I arrange pillows on sectionals (it works for sofas, too), from just a couple of pillows to a bunch. It also demonstrates some pattern mixing, though the point is really to show placement and sizing.

For clients, I most often suggest the 5th arrangement. It looks full but not overcrowded, and can be more complex or simpler depending on the colors and patterns you use. I like 22" covers for the largest square pillows and 20" for the smaller (with down inserts 2" larger). I almost never use 18", I think they look dinky. 

Need ideas for your bedroom pillows? I also made a diagram for bed pillow styling here.

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Stephanie said...

What a great visual! I'm a karate chopper on pillows, and I noticed you are too! Displaying pillows is an art, and lately it seems that people are putting way too many pillows on a sofas. Hopefully they will see this post.

Leisha said...

What a helpful post! Thank you!! Would you mind sharing the name of the blue/teal pillow you added in the fourth photo?

Marissa Waddell said...

@Leisha: The blue fabric is Quadrille's "Volpi" in navy. You can buy the pillow here: