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April 15, 2013

no-fail color palettes for dress or decor

Fact: I'm not very clever at pulling innovative color palettes out of thin air. The place I get more color inspiration than anywhere else? J. Crew.

I love their clothes, but it's the styling that's truly genius. Whenever I'm in the store, I take pictures of the mannequins, displays, product styling... sometimes even covert ones of the employees or other shoppers. Creepy, but true.

I've noticed a commonality among many of their good color palettes:
any two colors + a mixture or a shift.

Here's what I mean by a mixture:
Color 1 + Color 2 + the color in between.

And here's what I mean by a shift:
Color 1 + Color 2 + a tint (add white) or shade (add black) on either color.

Two colors alone looks fine, but adding that third color tones it down (and makes you look like a styling genius). 

Do you have a fancy trick for picking colors?

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Anne {Almost Home} said...

Really interesting post! Of course I love J.Crew too. I hadn't thought of how they mix their colors like that, but you are so right!

Karen Albert said...

Very smart styling and design trick!
Love it!

Art by Karena