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February 20, 2013

how to: double shower curtains

I filed this photo away to reference one day if/when I can have a lovely bathroom custom-made: I love the two-panel shower curtain. Panels are nearly always my window treatment of choice, I love how they soften harsh lines. They look soft and warm in the bathroom, too. And I'm particularly fond of the nice metallic clip rings instead of crappy plastic. 

Then it occurred to me that this look was way easy to mimic:
just move the shower rod up and use window panels instead of a shower curtain.

See how nice this looks? It didn't take a custom stone surround to make the double-panel look work. The panels frame the shower stall beautifully AND they're hung nice and high, making the ceilings seem taller and the room more grand.

I decided to try it out, since I had an extra pair of curtain panels laying around. I bought a black tension rod (wanted it to look like an actual curtain rod, but the old shower rod was white... black helped) and hung it high enough so the curtains barely brush the floor.

No windows + bad lighting = it looks suuuuper ghetto in this photo, but I wanted to show you I actually did it.

The bathroom feels warmer and grander. And I promise it looks good in real life-- try it and you'll see!


Cara said...

YES! love this idea!

Fletcher @ High Cotton Style said...

I'm a fan! Love that first image!

Debbie said...

What a great idea Marissa! We have a window above the shower on that wall... if we just raise the shower curtain, that bright sun won't be blinding us all afternoon!

Emily said...

Question- does water leak out the middle when you shower?

Emily said...

Question- does water leak out the middle when you shower?

Marissa Waddell said...

@Emily-- Nope. The curtains are more than wide enough to cross over in the middle.

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

Yes!!! I saw Shauna's on pinterest and am doing this for the kiddos. I keep wondering why we all didn't think of this sooner. It's brilliant and it does make your space look more grand.