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May 30, 2012

hello, rhubarb!

Welcome to the newest sponsor of ROOST, Rhubarb

Jess, the artist behind Rhubarb, makes the most beautiful card and prints, as well as cute felt mobiles and ornaments. I love the colorful, vintage-inspired style! This cute little birthday boy card is my favorite.

Visit the Rhubarb Etsy shop, where you can use the code "ROOST35" for 35% off anything (before shipping, of course) from now until June 15. And don't forget to visit the new blog, too!

If you are interested in sponsoring ROOST, please email me.

May 29, 2012

crystal ship chandelier

Maybe I rode Pirates of the Caribbean one too many times when we were in Disney World... but I think these crystal ship chandeliers are AMAZING!
 Elle Decor

Alessandra Branca | House Beautiful

Ken Fulk | Photo by Francesco Lagnese for House Beautiful

Katie Leede | Photo by Scott Frances
This version is my favorite. (I want!) Most of these chandeliers are probably custom or antique, but I did find a few cute versions online:

1st Dibs (Price unlisted... a.k.a. expensive)

May 28, 2012


The past few weeks have been so busy and so great. My husband graduated! I can't believe it, but there it is. That's his (giant) diploma in my hand.

You know what graduation signals: changes! We have a lot of fun ones coming up (one: we're moving!), so I'll keep you posted.

May 10, 2012

class of 2012

UVa via
This is a good month. 

After two years of very hard work, my husband has earned his MBA! We're taking a couple of weeks off to enjoy graduation, go to Disney World, and plan for some other exciting changes to come. 

See you soon!

May 9, 2012

tommy smythe love

Tommy Smythe, Photo by Michael Graydon for Style at Home
This photo of designer Tommy Smythe (in his own living room) popped up on my Pinterest yesterday and totally made me smile. Love his style, love his work, love his sass!

Tommy designs for design inc., Sarah Richardson's firm (love her, too!). They have a fantastic online portfolio, and for every room they list the sources and even include links! How awesome is that?

May 7, 2012

southern living: tried-and-true decorating tips

Southern Living | Photo by Laurey W. Glenn
This great article by Southern Living's Editor-in-Chief, Lindsay Bierman, made the rounds on Pinterest this weekend. I've summarized his 10 "rules" below (they're not so much rules as they are great suggestions), but you should read his explanations in the original article. I mean, he used the word zillion. I want to be his friend.

1. The perfect white is Benjamin Moore "Ivory White" (925).
2. You'll never go wrong with a Charles of London or Tuxedo sofa.
3. Sea Grass rugs are cheap and customizable.
4. Add dhurries, flokati, or wool rugs as budget allows.
5. Hang curtains 2" from the ceiling.
6. Extend curtains 4" beyond the window casing.
7. Outside-mount roman shades to improve proportion.
8. Hang chandeliers 33" above tables.
9. Buy 2" thick counter tops.
10. Use cafe shutters instead of plantation shutters for a more refined look.

I think every decorator who makes a list like this has some version of Rule 5. That would definitely be on my list (which I should probably write up). I should probably also include something about the many uses for Command Hooks, given how much I've used them.

What are your tried-and-true tricks?

May 3, 2012

a few favorite pinners

Pinterest is amazing. I've been using it less than a year, but I don't know how I functioned before it! It's wonderful and amazing... and overwhelming. So I put together a little list of pinners I follow and love to give you a place to start.

 3. Amy Miller (HousePrint Interiors)

4. Jana Fleming (Two Birds Collective)

5. Erin Jones Turner (Luxe & Lace Blog)

You can always follow me, too. I think I find some pretty good stuff.

Well, that should be plenty of inspiration to take you all the way through the weekend!

May 1, 2012

keys to coastal style

Every time the weather warms up, I get really into the easy elegance of coastal (nautical/Nantucket/Hamptons/New England) style. Here are five common elements of this laid-back style:

1. Stripes
Stripes, stripes, stripes. Everywhere, stripes. Broad stripes, seersucker, ticking stripes, any stripes!

Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn | Coastal Living
2. Classic Colors
Red, blue, and a little bit of yellow: in addition to being just plain classic, they're also sailing colors.

3. White
Ah, white. Clean, clean white.

4. Heritage Pieces
Not all coastal stuff is spic-and-span--there's an element of heritage in well-worn antiques. Especially if you're going for a masculine look.

5. Nautical Ephemera
Rope, signal flags, boats, anchors, oars and other sailing-inspired touches are a dead giveaway for coastal style!