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April 30, 2012

what to put at the foot of the bed

Nuevo Estilo via
I love to see stools or benches used at the foot of a bed (especially with the pretty X base!). But I spotted a setup at Anthropologie recently that made me rethink benches as the best option.

The table seemed a little unusual to me! It seems to belong in an entryway. It got me thinking about the different furniture option for the foot of the bed.



Alease Fisher | Town & Country via

(or a desk!)


Seating Area

Also an option: nothing at the foot of the bed. That's what I've got going on in my bedroom right now.
How about you?

April 24, 2012

print matching

Barbara Hyde Evans | Photo: Laurie Black via
When we were in Paris last Fall, my favorite bedroom in our apartment had a pretty toile for the curtains, headboard, and quilts. I thought it was unusual to use the exact same print three times in one space.

 This is the room-- see the three places the exact same toile was used? This kind of pattern matching was common in Paris, and it somehow manages not to look like a Bed-in-a-Bag.

Betty Burgess via
It seems like I've been noticing this pattern matching thing more and more ever since--and not just among linens, but also wallpaper.

Carolina Herrera (Jr.) | Vogue Living via
Isn't this crazy, it looks like the walls are melting!

Barbara Hyde Evans | Photo: Laurie Black via
It seems very French to me, but maybe this matching thing is a wider trend. 
Have you noticed it?


April 23, 2012

a perfectly styled vignette

 Domino: The Book of Decorating, photo by James Waddell via
Let me geek out on you for just a second and say how mesmerized I am by this little vignette. The gilded botanical print, the textured (and tied!) table skirt, the slim-line chairs, the roses, the glass candelabra, the floor-to-ceiling windows, the asymmetry... I appreciate something new every time I look at it.

April 17, 2012

emily henson interiors

  Designer/stylist Emily Henson's portfolio is full of cheerful, colorful spaces. 
Really, are you not smiling right now?

 Other than WOW, my first thought when I saw her portfolio was Anthropologie! Turns out she has done retail styling for them.

 You can see the rest of Emily's happy designs here.

April 16, 2012

french flea chic

Ever since we went to Paris last year, I can't get the place out of my head! I would go again in a heartbeat. It's my not-so-secret dream to buy an apartment there some day. I'd probably not go this feminine (husband to consider and all), but I really love the girly chic look.

Pillows | Layla Grayce
Rug: Vintage Kilim (eBay)

April 13, 2012

robshaw for duralee

I was really excited for John Robshaw's fabric line for Duralee. The full collection is available to view online and it doesn't disappoint! I love the travel-inspired patterns.
That red and blue branch print fabric is sooo good!

April 11, 2012

real rugs in the bathroom

It seems to me like most bathrooms are styled without bath mats for photoshoots. I get that bathroom rugs aren't the most exciting thing...so how about using a regular rug, like flat weave or outdoor rug?

Would you use a rug in a bathroom?
Here's one I'm eyeing for mine.

April 9, 2012

how to arrange bed pillows

I'm kinda fabric crazy, so it's a total treat to pick out and arrange pillows.  I made this little chart to show you my 10 favorite ways to arrange them, for everyone from the minimalist to the pillow hoarder:

 My go-to is the top right: three euros, two standards, and one large lumbar in a great print or pattern.
Beautiful, easy, done.

April 5, 2012

green curtains

 Unknown via
I usually gravitate toward natural colors like creme or linen for curtains, but lately I've been loving green. Solid curtain panels are my go-to window treatment. I love how these green panels introduce a bright color in such an easy, uncomplicated way.

Christina Murphy for House Beautiful via

via Houzz

Fawn Galli | Photo by Francis Dzikowski




April 3, 2012

art on its side?

Art on its side?  Whoa, there! 

This versatile green diamond artwork from Dwell is gorgeous either way. 

April 2, 2012

apartment therapy feature

We got a fun surprise on Friday--my sister's bedroom was featured on Apartment Therapy! On her birthday, no less. I got several questions about where she got all this stuff. Much of it is handmade or vintage, but here are at least some of the sources:

Paint: Puddle (790B-4) | Behr
Duvet | IKEA
 Alice Tea Party Pillowcase Set | Urban Outfitters
Pink Felt Flower Pillow | Target
Fuzzy Blue Pillow | Pier 1
Striped Bow Pillow | Freshly Picked
Tree Felt Pillow | Natural Life
Floral Mini Lumbar Pillow | Pier 1
Elephant Garland | The Beehive Bazaar
Lockers & Chair | Vintage
Floral Pillow | TJ Maxx
Butterfly, Cake, and Mushroom Prints | Cavallini

My sister did most of the art on her gallery wall herself (she's a great decorator and an even better painter). But if you look closely there is a Keep Calm print, a Provo Temple Watercolor by Ashmae, and a Marie Antoinette print (it's actually a file folder) from the Versailles gift shop in France.