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November 26, 2012

halls decked

I put up most of my Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. Forget "rules," I wanted to see them.

I don't have a ton of Holiday decor, but I try to add at least one thing every year. This year I bought a trio of these mirrored Moravian-style Stars. In person, they're a little less shiny and a little more vintage looking (but not cheesy).

And if you can't have or don't want real pine in your house but like the smell, this candle is Christmas in a jar. Nordic Pine from Target's holiday line (the egg nog one is also great).

I also got my craft on a little bit over Thanksgiving. Glitter and pasta. It sounds like a kindergarten project and it practically was, but it turned out just like the inspiration. I'll show you tomorrow. :)


Annie @ House on Rene said...

Your vignettes are always soo cute. I can't wait to see how the glitter and pasta project turned out! :)

girlseeksplace said...

Those stars are so pretty. I love the minimalist decorating look. I'm finding the older I get, the less stuff I want. I'd rather have just what I need versus a bunch of stuff I feel I have to have.