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November 9, 2012

"faux marble"

This week I finally painted my unfinished IKEA console-- behold, "faux marble."
Oh it is so bad! I clearly have no painting skills!
Know any great (and legitimately easy) furniture DIYs I might try?

Happy Weekend!


Annie @ House on Rene said...

Oh man! I am sorry! I have seen that tutorial too and was inspired to do it as well! I wonder is there marble vinyl or contact paper?

I am personally so horrified at attempting DIY projects. If it doesn't turn out I get so upset at the time and money I have wasted.

Kudos to you for trying! I'll keep an eye out for an alternative!

Unknown said...

My husband painted a faux marble for our dining room. He basically poured white and black acrylic craft paint onto the top,randomly. then using his open hands he moved the paints around to be more random and smoother. Let this dry and go in with a permanent marker, medium tip, and squiggle black lines here and there. Let dry and top with a waterbased marine sealer. It is some realistic that it is mistaken for real marble. Good luck ! It's only paint after all !!