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October 5, 2012

living room: gold

I've been working on my house a little here and there. It's so far from done! But I took a few snaps of some recent updates to my living room-- I love a little glam and I love neutrals... marry those two and you get GOLD. A whole lotta gold. Forgive how bizarre that looks right now.

First priority was a light fixture for the living room. I wanted a chandelier but thought I'd have to settle for a drum shade. I didn't think I could find a chandelier I liked that was in my price range and would work for the room. But I did!

Second update are the frames by the windows. I had some silhouettes I made hanging there before, but I never really felt like they "went." So I put up these vintage golden frames (inside: part of my favorite impressionist painting and an old illustration of ballerinas).

I also painted these. I despise spray paint, and I can tell you now that it's horrible for high-use items. I like the tables about 50% of the time, we'll see if they stay or get replaced with something that attracts fewer fingerprints.

I'm hot on the trail of a rug, wall art, and pillows... NOT in gold :)


eddielicious said...

get the tables powder coated if they are metal I take everything metal i can to my powder coater. i can email you pics if you want. The finish is soooo much more glossy and durable. You know the colored canopy beds featured on Chinoiserie Chic? just sent my dated metal canopy bed to be powder coated glossy candy apple turquise for $250. Im sure you can find a local powder coater on Craigslist. most of them are independant shop owners. Google images and you will be amazed at the color selection, a rainbow!

Marissa Waddell said...

@eddielicious - GENIUS! I'm totally going to look into it.

Lisa McKell said...

Where are those amazing drapes from?

Marissa Waddell said...

@Lisa The curtain panels are from JCP--so great and SO CHEAP!


girlseeksplace said...

I love the chandelier. It's totally glam without being gaudy.

Annie @ House on Rene said...

Great pieces! Is the Chandelier from HD? I loved the one I saw there!