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October 23, 2012

black window trim

Add this to the list of "things to do when we buy a house": 
Black. Window. Trim.

Even without grand windows, painting the trim black makes them so important and dramatic.

Would you do it?


Jae said...

I love it. I did it in my kitchen.

Homestyling101 said...

I love it....suggesting it to a client now. Very fresh- almost like taking a sharpie to the room and saying "look at these windows!"
Joanne @ Homestyling101

girlseeksplace said...

Totally, especially when paired with light colors. I wouldn't do it in a room full of dark wood and heavy furniture. It would look good, in a different way, but it would also make a room feel closed in and I don't like that.

Jennifer BNHblog said...

Uh, yes! It's so dramatic and stunning. Great way to add visual interest especially for those windows that you can't dress for whatever reason.

Elizabeth said...

funny, my nyc apartment has black metal windows similar to the lower picture, and I never liked them. You're giving me new perspective on how you could work that into the design of the room!

Raymonde Birch said...

Oh, I just love black trims! Since I’m not fond of curtains, all I did to make my huge windows look grand was paint the trims black. And boy was I amazed at the result! What’s greater about this color is that it hides rust and other marks and makes the window look brand-new.

Raymonde Birch

Sandra Ludwig said...

Of course, I would do it! What’s great about black trims in a white room is that it makes the room stylish enough even without curtains. If you live in a high place like me, then having a bare window with these trims is just perfect. It allows you to appreciate the view better, and makes your room look classic and modern at the same time.

Sandra Ludwig