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August 13, 2012

Breaking out the allen wrench.

 I put together FIVE Billy bookshelves and unloaded 20+ boxes of books this weekend. They take up an entire long wall in our bedroom. It literally took me two days! I'm obviously no prop stylist, but I am PROUD.

I didn't realize that the back of the bookshelves are folded in order to fit into the boxes, so they have 3 perforations running down the back. They looked cheap (they were cheap). Luckily Bryn's idea to cover the back in burlap saved my bacon. I like the depth and texture-- it's subtle and definitely worth $2.66 per yard. 

The rest of the room looks pretty much the same as our old place. I still heart my Nympheus pillows so much.


Mallory said...

It looks great!!!

Annie @ House on Rene said...

Looks great! I can't wait to put some up in my library!

Lindsay Dugan said...

Looks so good!

designchic said...

You should be proud...they look amazing! Love the idea of the burlap in the back ~

Dina @ Honey + Fitz said...

They look fantastic! And that pillow fabric is gorgeous!

hydeeann said...

Wow, Ris! I had no idea about your blog or design life. Love it. And good for you doing the bookshelves yourself. The burlap is a fabulous upgrade. Wish I'd known about that when I had a bunch of cheap bookcases in my starter home.