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August 16, 2012

10 Resources for Affordable Decor

The #1 question decorating question I'm asked is "where do you shop?"

I shop so many places that I can't keep track in my head, so I keep a list.  I could share the entire thing, but I figure most people don't have all day and want the options narrowed down. So here they are-- the ten (online) places I shop most.

I realize everyone has their own definition of "affordable." And each of these places definitely sells stuff I wouldn't put in that category, but they are generally pretty good.

Overstock is a great resource for furniture and rugs. I often find the exact same stuff sold at Restoration Hardware, Ballard, etc. for like half the price.

Urban Outfitters might seem like kind of an unusual place to shop unless you're decorating a dorm room. But they have funky, unusual, colorful things for cheap.

West Elm never fails to have something good in every category. Updated classics, love.

High Street Market has a traditional, Americana vibe and great lighting and accessories (lots of brass and vintage).

If you're familiar with my usual style, you might be surprised to see Furbish on this list. I love Furbish! They do the most interesting upholstery and have awesome accessories, art and pillows.

Home Decorators has a wide range of styles in every category, though I usually check there for inexpensive upholstery and case goods.

I love Etsy (and eBay, for that matter) because you can find vintage stuff at good prices. I think every room needs something with history.

Okay, nobody bash IKEA-- I adore it. I have a few quality standbys and they're always good for unfinished pieces to hack.

Those are my top 10, what are your favorites?


Aaron said...

Have you been to Furbish in Raleigh yet?

Nancy @ dream it ... build it...style it! said...

Great post.

Shelly said...

Great List of shopping resources! I shared your post with my Facebook followers.

alison g. said...

REALLY great roundup! Some of my faves, and some new ones, too!

Annie @ House on Rene said...

Fabulous roundup! Everything I was going to mention you had! Love it!

designstiles said...

Awesome list. I've been meaning to post my favorite Urban Outfitters items. They're surprisingly pretty cool. You pretty much listed all my go-to's. I need to hit up Land's End more often though.

JoAnna of re-U creating new spaces said...

Great resource. I just pinned it. Thanks so much for sharing!

Paulo Trindade said...

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Yogita Surve said...

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Carina said...

Home Goods and Wayfair are 2 more good decorating resources.

Sandip KILLEDAR said...

Great post thanks for sharing