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May 3, 2012

a few favorite pinners

Pinterest is amazing. I've been using it less than a year, but I don't know how I functioned before it! It's wonderful and amazing... and overwhelming. So I put together a little list of pinners I follow and love to give you a place to start.

 3. Amy Miller (HousePrint Interiors)

4. Jana Fleming (Two Birds Collective)

5. Erin Jones Turner (Luxe & Lace Blog)

You can always follow me, too. I think I find some pretty good stuff.

Well, that should be plenty of inspiration to take you all the way through the weekend!


Laura@Elegant Nest said...

Thanks alot Marissa!! I have been following your blog and pinterest boards for a while...and now have even more reasons to sit at my computer for hours on end! Love all of your picks and am currently pinning away!
Have a great weekend ~ Laura

Lauren | Seventeenth and Irving said...

I am ALWAYS a huge fan of your pins! Erin's are a favorite of mine too. Thanks for sharing these others - going off to follow them now!

Angie Helm Interiors said...

Marissa, thank you so much for the mention! Love everything you pin! We are definitely kindred spirits.

HousePrint Interiors said...

I just found this today! Thank you also for the mention! I was so surprised, as I have only been pinning for a few months! I would second Angie's comment that we are (all three maybe?) kindred spirits. Great blog!


I have just found your blog today and absolutely love! I'm excited about having these new awesome pinners to follow. I must mentioned the Erin Jones Turner link is incorrect. It actually goes to an Erin Jones with no pins!

Erin [LUXE + lace] said...

Wow, thanks, Marissa! I just found this feature that I had missed back in May. Thank you for the Pinterest shout out!