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May 10, 2012

class of 2012

UVa via
This is a good month. 

After two years of very hard work, my husband has earned his MBA! We're taking a couple of weeks off to enjoy graduation, go to Disney World, and plan for some other exciting changes to come. 

See you soon!


Leslie said...

Congratulations to your husband! It's great you will be able to take a little break and enjoy yourselves. :)

Annie @ House on Rene said...

Congrats! This is totally worth celebrating! Have fun!

designchic said...

Congratulations to your husband. Thinking this is UVA and if so, such a gorgeous campus. I'm a Carolina girl, but have a great affinity for the Virginia campus!!

Belle on Heels said...

I'm a new follower, and just had to say congrats to your hubby! I'm headed to C'Ville next weekend for my 5th reunion. So crazy. Love this Rotunda pic!