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April 30, 2012

what to put at the foot of the bed

Nuevo Estilo via
I love to see stools or benches used at the foot of a bed (especially with the pretty X base!). But I spotted a setup at Anthropologie recently that made me rethink benches as the best option.

The table seemed a little unusual to me! It seems to belong in an entryway. It got me thinking about the different furniture option for the foot of the bed.



Alease Fisher | Town & Country via

(or a desk!)


Seating Area

Also an option: nothing at the foot of the bed. That's what I've got going on in my bedroom right now.
How about you?


Jae said...

i like the idea of a bench at the end of the bed, a little spot to put on socks or hose but unfortunately, the configuration of our bedroom does not have space of anything at the foot of the bed.

Heather Peterson said...

I once put a pretty little x-based desk at the foot of my bed with a tiny chair. That was my favorite, I think. Right now I have my husband's grandmother's cedar chest at the foot of our bed, piled with books, and I love that, too!


Leslie said...

Those are great ideas! We don't have space for anything at the foot of our bed, but that's okay. :)

A Lived in Home said...

I'm with you, nothing! I like x benches if I had to choose a favorite. I just don't want the space cluttered in my space.