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February 28, 2012

masculine office design

Some of my favorite designs are inspired by a single, fantastic piece-- in this case, the beautiful black campaign desk. I love campaign furniture so much, I think it perfectly bridges the gap between formal and casual (and has such beautiful hardware). The guy who works in this office has a corporate day job, collects vintage records, and loves to kayak on the weekends. Classic, modern, and masculine.

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February 27, 2012

pillows, lately

Do they have AA for pillow addicts? I think I might need it. Here are just a few of my current favorites.

1. Leafs Pillow Cover | Chic Decor Pillows
2. Faux Bois Pillow Cover | Whitlock & Co.
3. Sorbet Pillow Cover | Lekalia Interiors

February 22, 2012

zara home: orange scalloped linens!

Zara Home via
I am in love with these embroidered bed linens from Zara Home. LOVE, I tell you! They remind me of Leontine Linens, but a little more playful. I hope Zara decides to start shipping their home line to the US. You can browse their UK home shop here.

February 20, 2012

styling for lots of books

Design by Blaire Clarke & Photography by Patrick Cline | Lonny Magazine Sep/Oct 2011
I love  bookshelves styled with pretty objects and a maybe book here or there. But what if you need storage for lots of books?

Design by Mark Sikes & Photography by Heather Clawson | Habitually Chic
My husband has a huge book collection (I think it's fair to call it a library). We have two big Expedit bookshelves in our office that are stuffed to the brim and we still have books in storage!

Hus & Hem via
I'm looking into a much bigger shelving system so we can spread out the book collection and add a few objects and art. I've been taking inspiration from photos of shelves that are styled to offer serious book storage in a visually appealing way.

February 15, 2012

beds at an angle

 Unknown via Pinterest
 I've been looking at a lot of real estate listings lately (details on that later), and I've been amazed at the number of rooms I've seen with beds placed on an angle.

Unknown via Savor Home
There are some rooms where an angle works, but I will do just about anything to avoid it--it throws off my balance and I just want to straighten it!

February 13, 2012

pop of neon

 One of the big trends in fashion this Spring is nude + neon. Fun for nail polish or a clutch, but what about an interior?

In my opinion, totally acceptable in the right dosage. Just a pop keeps it from wandering into tacky territory.

A risque photo of Liz Taylor in a playroom? Interesting choice. Good color, though.

The closest I've come to having a pop of neon in my home is the Design*Sponge book on my nightstand. Not exactly neon, but a gorgeous bright orangey red!

Would you ever use a little pop of neon anywhere in your home?

February 10, 2012

watercolor wallpaper

This Black Crow Studios wallpaper from La Dolce Vita is insane. Watercolor on the walls. I love the intense colors and sinuous lines, especially above the sharp white wainscoting. Totally incredible!

From my Walls and Windows Pinterest board

February 7, 2012

quirky traditional library design

My client Nicole has a simple formula for her design style: traditional furniture, modern art, quirky accessories, and great lamps. She asked for my help updating her living room/library/family hang-out space, and this is what we came up with:
I'm especially excited about the green linen curtains and the pretty tangerine fabric for the chairs. Nicole already has some great quirky, sculptural pieces and awesome DIY arched bookshelves inspired by these from Little Green Notebook. I can't wait to see it all come together!

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February 6, 2012

i spy valentine colors

Hamish Bowles, Australian Vogue Living via Habitually Chic
I have to thank whoever came up with Valentine's Day (Hallmark?) for giving everybody a little something fun during this last month of winter! I've collected a few pictures of the iconic Valentine colors, red and pink, used together in everyday decor in a non-Valentine's way. Look closely, some of the pops of color are very subtle!

David Florimbi & Nancy Simon, Apartment Therapy

 Kristen Ewart, House Beautiful

Unknown via Pinterest

Unknown via Pinterest

February 2, 2012

kitschy colorful teen room

 I've been visiting my family in Utah this week and spending a lot of time with my youngest sister. She has the cutest style and her bedroom reflects it perfectly. Forgive the iPhone photos, but I had to share!

The gallery wall is my favorite part. My sister made almost all of the artwork herself!

Her bathroom is a work in progress, but the vanity and shower areas already have some great color and pattern.
I love it!

UPDATE: Want to know where she got her stuff? Check out this post!