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January 2, 2012

new year's organizing

After the celebrations this weekend, I kicked off the new year by cleaning out our office filing cabinet. I have a simple system of labeled hanging files (for Tax Info, Insurance, Cars, Warranties, etc.) with sub-folders that I drop paperwork into throughout the year. I'm very organized, but I like to keep the it easy so we actually do it!

I've saved a ton of genius and/or beautiful organizing ideas--you can find a lot of them on Pinterest (which is a great organizing source itself!). Here are some of my favorite solutions to kick-start your new year's organization resolutions:

And to get even more inspired, here are some insanely perfect inspiration photos.

Emersonmade via Design*Sponge

Sara Gilbane in Lonny

Are you organizing for the new year?


Leslie said...

Those look like great ideas! Happy 2012. :)

{The Smiths} said...

Wishing you & yours a very happy New Year!

designchic said...

My resolution for this year is definitely organization - thanks for all of the beautiful inspiration!!