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January 17, 2012

legs on or legs off?

 House & Home via
One of the biggest dilemmas people have is what size rug to use in a living room and whether it should fit all or just some of the furniture on it. The optimal rug size/positioning depends on the size of the room, scale of the furniture, how much furniture, focal point, personal preference and other factors... I don’t think there’s just one right way to do it, but I go by some general rules:

 Best for small rugs or small/oddly-shaped rooms.
Domino via

Jacques Grange via

Best for unifying a seating area.

Best for extra-large rugs.
 Nate Berkus via

John McInroe via

In general, I’ve found it to be the most flexible arrangement to be a medium/large rug with some feet on, some feet off. A good tip is to tape off the space to get an idea for the size you prefer before committing big $$ for a rug.


Leslie said...

I think I like legs on! Those are beautiful images, though. :)

Allie & Chris said...

hey girl! i love your work!

follow my new blog, if you wish of course....



Room to Grow said...

This was really helpful--thanks for sharing!

Kat said...

I'm a some feet on, some feet off kinda girl myself;)

Rachel P said...

I love that grey velvet couch in the some feet on pic!

The only rug in my house that has furniture on it, besides in the entranceway is under my dining table. My husband brought it home with him from Turkey when he was stationed there a couple years ago and I love it. I made sure to get it large enough so that the chairs would still be all the way on it even when pulled out. That is one of my pet peeves:)


designchic said...

I tend to like a rug that fills a room like the last image and then I can all feet on...love the neutral palette.

the Queen City Style said...

love the katie lee joel room by the adorable nate berkus! and the image below, by John McInroe, i've never seen, but I love it. Thanks for sharing! So nice to find you on here!

Regards, Whitley Adkins Hamlin

the Queen City Style said...

oh, and it was either nate or the talented and lovely phoebe howard from whom i learned the "at least two front feet on" rule. very hepful! though the room with the long runner btx. the two sofas looks great and is totally appropriate!