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December 1, 2011

easy felt flower tree skirt

 This pretty tree skirt (which I posted about last year) was the perfect DIY for an impatient, non-sewer. The wee little Christmas tree on the buffet in my dining room needed a skirt. I made the entire thing in just a few hours, it wasn't too much work because it was so small.
You'll need:
1 sheet of cardstock
white felt (I used less than half a yard)
white thread

I made a kind of protractor/compass deal from a pen tied to string, and that's what I used to make my circle. Drawn on the back side, of course. Then I cut a radial slit (I didn't mess with making the buttons and loops from the original because sewing kind of blows my mind).

I hand-traced the leaf design onto cardstock. I did just one half, then folded the paper over before I cut so both sides would match. Then I held that against the felt and started cutting. You can definitely do two layers at a time.

I did an outer layer of five-petal flowers, and an inner layer of four-petal flowers. I first sewed the petals together, then sewed the bunch to the skirt.

That's it! Just a couple of hours, slightly crampy scissor hands, and the cost of one yard of felt.


designchic said...

I adore the way this looks and may try to make one for myself...the perfect touch for your tree!!

Anna Walker said...

Oh goodness!
That looks super sophisticated and lovely to make! :)
PLUS only 1 year of felt!? That's super awesome!


Anna Walker said...

PS you just got yourself a new a new follower!

Leslie said...

That's absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I love your sweet, little tree.

Kristen Sheranian said...

So adorable! It is totally you!

annie said...

This is just darling and i love that it's white...it looks so sweet with your little tree all lit up!

tinascratch said...

I really want to do this - I'll probably just use fabric glue for the leaves. Thanks for showing us how you did it!

Lindsey Roorda said...

How many yards of felt would you recommend for a full sized tree!