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December 29, 2011

designer predictions for 2011... did they come true?

Early this year, Canadian House & Home asked some top designers what they thought would be hot for 2011. I love trend predictions. Here are a few of their (totally true) predictions:

“Brass is the new chrome!”
Tommy Smythe

“It’s no longer about creating a perfect room, but rather incorporating objects and building layers in a room.”
Arriz Hassam (3rd Uncle, Toronto)

Blush, oyster, and grey.
Genevieve Gorder

 Unpredictable patterns and finishes.
Anne Hepfer

I think these trend predictions were spot-on for 2011 (you can see the rest here).

What were your favorite trends of 2011?
What do you think will be big in 2012?


Kristen Ellis said...

Great post!! My fave is the brass trend!


Jae said...

I liked this post as well. It's funny, I don't *love* any one thing in the 2nd inspiration picture but am somehow drawn to it. I guess it's because of the layers!

And I love, love, love the wall and curtain color combo in the 3rd pic.

Lindsay said...

I love all of these - especially the brass!! If you find a trend prediction article or post for 2012 please share! :)

designchic said...

Love all of these trends and isn't a touch (or more) of gold wonderful?! Thrilled to find and follow your beautiful blog ~

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