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December 8, 2011

design rebel: maggie rose

 The Design Rebels series is back! Maggie Rose is more of a rebel than she lets on. Just over six months ago, she quit her day job to pursue her creative passions and she hasn't looked back. I love the rule breaking she's sharing today!

Hi there, Roost readers! I'm Maggie from Maggie Rose Interiors in Seattle, WA. Excited to share my little "rebellion" with you today.

I generally preach to my clients that there are no "rules" in design but there are definitely some good rules of thumb to follow. However, there are some long-held ideas that is my job as a decorator to prove untrue. Like the "rule" that all your metals should match, especially in kitchens and bathrooms...

Wrong! Instead of worrying about picking THE ONE AND ONLY ONE metal finish that will appear in your home (hello, stress factor!) feel free to treat it more casually. In the kitchen above, brass hardware on the cabinets is mixed with a silver faucet and handles. The effect is that the cabinets look more like a piece of furniture that was adapted to be a kitchen - exactly what the designer had in mind. So just as you would mix wood furniture with painted wood furniture with metal and glass furniture, go ahead and mix that side table with the silver base with your vintage brass lamp.

Not sure? Ok, one guideline to help your mixed metals look purposeful and not accidental is to repeat each metal at least twice. And don't forget, you can always swap out hardware on furniture to incorporate the look you want. Happy metal mixing!

Mixing metals keeps things from getting to hotel-y and it's so much more interesting. Great rebellion! Thanks, Maggie.


simply brookes: said...

love this image, the broken-rule and the concept. all look great, even the light fixture mixes in with the mixed metals.
oh and it all works so well.
thanks for the post. love your blog.

Leslie said...

Great tips!

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

Totally agree about mixing metals. And that photo is goooorgeous!