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November 4, 2011

painted wood floors

 I love the look of painted wood floors.

 Especially white--it looks so clean!

 This black herringbone is amazing.

I've seen a lot of beautiful patterns painted on floors, too.
I love the look, but I think I would be soooo nervous to paint over wood floors!


The Corson Cottage said...

I totally agree, I LOVE painted wood floors! We painted both our front porch and back porch floors and they are my favorite rooms in my home. I especially love the striped floor inspiration pic. Carrie

Leslie said...

I adore the black herringbone. I don't think my husband would ever let me paint a wooden floor, though!

AnaLisa said...

That globe is random there on the floor - but I like it!! :)

Cherisse @ Framing Spaces said...

I love the herringbone floor. I have saved that image myself too. It's so pretty! =)

Kae said...

I love the painted floor look. I should probably wait to move into a house before trying something like this though.

Meg said...

I totally agree about the look of painted wood floors. We had clean, fresh white floors in the home we recently sold. The only thing is... they were impossible for me to maintain with two busy kids and a golden retriever! Always messy!
This time around, I'd probably go for a medium grey or a stencilled option.

Amy said...

I love that black herringbone!