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October 14, 2011

violins as art

When I was younger, I took violin lessons at a violin maker's shop. I loved waiting in the demonstration room, which was filled with beautiful instruments. I thought they looked so amazing hanging there.

I'd love to buy a violin again one day, even just to hang up!
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Leslie said...

This is gorgeous! I used to play the violin; perhaps it's a use for my old instrument.

Blue Turtle said...

Violins are always beautiful and classics. No other musical instrument that symbolizes royalty and the rich and beautiful than the violin family.

J. Harp
writer @ Murano Chandeliers

Spirit of the wood said...

All violins are stunning in my opinion, even broken or very battered ones. The shape of them is pleasing to the eye. I have many hanging on the walls of my home, as well as cello, ukulele's and guitars. My main love though is the violin family.