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October 25, 2011

three rules of pinterest etiquette

While I was at home this weekend, I set up a Pinterest account for my mom. As I was teaching her how it works, I thought of a few little rules of "pinning" etiquette that would make Pinterest even more user-friendly and awesome.

1. Pin from the post, not the blog.
Let's say you want to pin the "3 Rules of Pinterest Etiquette" graphic from the top of this post. If you pin the image from the main page, that pin will forever link to the main page, not to this specific post. Always make sure you click on the title of the post before you pin--that way, you're no longer on the main page, you're pinning directly to the permanent URL for this very post.

2. Describe what the pin actually is
I've done it a million times, too-- you describe your pin with your emotional reaction or a kind of non-specific word rather than what the pin actually contains. But it would be infinitely more useful to describe the pin so it is searchable!

3. Credit the creator. 
I understand not writing "by Martha Stewart" in the description if the picture itself is watermarked with MARTHASTEWART.COM and the link is directly to the page on Martha's website. That source is pretty obvious. But for a lot of art and interiors, the creator is being featured on someone else's site. It's helpful to include the artisan's name in the description so it can be searched and so they get the credit for their work.

You can look through my Pinterest boards and find a hundred times I didn't follow my own rules (all of the good/bad examples above are mine!). But I am learning and trying to be more accurate and responsible.

Are there any "rules" you would add to this list?


Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

Something I don't always do is "@" tag the source of the photo. I know, for example, that Style Me Pretty is on Pinterest and I try to remember to @ them...but sometimes I forgot.

I also know that some bloggers put all their photos on Pinterest, but I'm not clear if I'm supposed to comb through their boards to find the picture I want to pin. It's so much easier just to pin from my browser.

Kirsten Krason said...

Great post! We can all do better at this. What do you think about pinning a product. Same deal?

katie [the bright life] said...

I love these rules, and totally agree with them (although, like you said, lots of my pins don't follow these rules either!). This brings up a couple other Pinterest etiquette questions I've been asking myself...what's the protocol for pinning from your own blog, say, your own DIY project? And, what do you think of embedding an image from Pinterest into a blog post rather than dragging it to your desk top and uploading it into the post? I've done both, but I prefer the latter. It allows me to link back to the creator in the most direct way. I'm curious what the rest of your readers think, too! Great post, this was definitely a topic that's been on my mind! Xo, Katie

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

Great tips! I also don't like when people use a boatload of images, then at the end of their post say, "all images found via my pinterest" -- and they link their own pinterest account. So basically I have to comb through their boards to find the source?! You might as well say, "all images found on the internet"

As for how I link them...I right click on the image and copy the image info, paste into post. Then right click again on image and copy the link location (not image location) and link the image caption on my post to that location. Does that make sense?

Marissa Waddell said...

Jeannine: Good point... I almost never do the @ tag, but I probably should!

Kirsten: YES, pin a product to the URL where you can buy it. Though I know some people want to protect their online sources, it's annoying to see something awesome but have no idea where to get it!

Katie: I usually download the picture to my desktop then link to the post. It's a little time consuming, but I'm worried Pinterest will change its URLs one day and I don't want to lose my pictures.

Cassie: Ha ha! I totally hate that, too.

The Corson Cottage said...

These are great tips! I've noticed that when I find a pin that I like and I go to repin it I have trouble determining who to credit. I am totally one to give credit where credit is due. Any suggestions how to determine the source? Great suggestions to pin the post! Carrie

Regina at Fauxology said...

I've just recently started going crazy on Pinterest and this makes a great amount of sense. Plus, I enjoy crediting when I can -- it's make it easy for others to buy/hire a wonderful product or person and it also enhances the image you share. Win-win. (As to a blog post, I also copy the image and find the source and include that in the post.) Great post!

Emily said...

The guilt! I really should take more time to do so! Great tips. Thanks!