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October 13, 2011

current project: the "fish house"

 One of my current clients, Laura, has the craziest installations you've ever seen in her living and dining rooms--AMOEBAS!

 Laura's husband is in the U.S. military, stationed in Poland, and the family is renting a house there for a few years. Her kids nicknamed it the "Fish House." The amoebas (and the wavy archways, wood, rounded walls, etc.) were put there by the owner and have to stay. They don't go with Laura's style in the least, but we are trying to create a wonderful space she loves despite it all!

This is definitely the craziest design challenge I've come across yet!

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Leslie said...

Wow, that is truly a bizarre installation! It will be interesting to see what you devise!

Cove and Grey said...

Wow! I'm excited to see what you come up with for the space. Those are insane!

Laura said...

Ha ha! I'm excited to see the results as well. I shared this link on my facebook page and got a lot of interest. :o) Thanks, Marissa!

Ana Antunes said...

That is a funny installation indeed. I'm sure that your stylish talent will take care of that. You have an European taste, and you will do a great job! My best luck to your new business. Take care.

Christian said...

This design is outstanding! Laura came up with a unique idea to match her husband's profession with the design of the walls and ceilings. And it turned out great! For sure, their kids also liked it, as it looks like a play area.

Christian Traughber