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August 26, 2011

layouts for gallery walls

A lot of people have found ROOST through posts, pins, and other nice mentions about my easy technique for hanging a gallery wall. When I put up my hallway gallery last fall, I totally winged it with the spacing and layout.

This great diagram shows different layout and spacing options for galleries. It's actually the visual from a kit you can buy to make the exact galleries shown. I refer to the diagram to get general layout ideas, then tweak it a little to make it unique. I like the look of a slightly haphazard, collected gallery rather than something symmetrical or perfectly spaced (like the pretty galleries on my "Art" Pinterest board).

If you haven't seen it, you can check out my gallery how-to instructions here. If you've tried my technique, shoot me an email-- I'd love to hear about it!


kimberly said...

I love these...especially the ones that include the little shelves and vases incorporated with pictures. I have a large wall that I would love to work with to create a gallery wall with old & new family pictures, but it's going to have to be a work in progress as I collect more pictures over time. I hope I can make it pretty throughout the collection process! :)

Kellie Collis said...

Great layouts! It would be a wonderful guide for rooms. Have a gorgeous day, Kellie xx

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

those are great. How have I missed that. Just finished up Grady's gallery wall yesterday. {finally!}

emily said...

What great layouts. And your wax paper idea is genius!