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August 19, 2011

colorful ceilings

 Sometimes people like their ceilings to just disappear (read: white paint) because it gives the illusion of more height. But an interesting ceiling can lead your eye up and give visual balance to what's going on below. Here are some rooms that have gone nuts--in a good way--with color, pattern, texture... or all of the above!

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simply brookes: said...

your blog is one of my favorite dailies. always love your posts. great style, lady. thanks for being you.

Melissa @ Rooms said...

Don't those pictures just make you want to jump up and do something to your ceilings! Fun inspiration, thanks!

Janna McCalley said...

Just finished painting my bathroom ceiling this weekend. subtle or dramatic, it's neat to have a ceiling that isn't white!

Erica M. said...

I love the look of some painted ceilings.. In the pictures above I love the yellow & white stripe and the blueish color on what looks to be a front porch. I would love to do something like those one day, but my husbands a carpenter and believes all ceilings should be a solid white.. Boring!

Norbert said...

That checkered green ceiling is adorable! Better yet, the whole kitchen having the color green as its theme looks remarkable. No doubt about it. Green is known as the color of balance; it’s cool and gentle.

- Norbert Floth