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August 17, 2011

border of frames

 This bathroom is from the latest Pottery Barn catalog--check out the framed border! What a great way to display a large collection of small-scale prints.

Pottery Barn gets a lot of flack. But I love it and probably always will. PB isn't usually the source of much cutting-edge inspiration, but you can count on a lot of quality, foundational pieces and a pretty good floral every season (this season: Adrianne).
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Jordan G. said...

I love Pottery Barn, and I think most of their pieces are timeless and classic. I would love it much more if it were a little more affordable, though. Maybe it's better to say that I really love the Pottery Barn Outlet!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

I agree. What a darling idea with the frames. And that bathroom is just beautiful. I love individual mirrors in a bathroom.

Kat said...

I noticed those frames in the latest catalog too. I love looking through there for inspiration--so yeah, I'll always be a fan as well. They have some great ideas. Thankfully I live close to a PBO and I've gotten some great deals there.