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July 13, 2011

design rebel: joi from nuestra vida dulce

Today I am happy to share the first installment of a new series, Design Rebels! There are so many rules, guides, and how-tos in design, and the best of the best know exactly how and when to break them. In this series, some of my favorite design bloggers will spill the beans on design "rules" they love to break!

The first blogger in this feature is Joi Svezia of Nuestra Vida Dulce. If you need a little smile in your day, just read Joi's blog. She is the very definition of bright and cheerful and has so many design ideas that are perfectly adaptable to any space.

In addition to being a teacher and a master's student, Joi has appeared on the Nate Show and Great Day St. Louis, and she writes for St. Louis Magazine's Secretary of the Interior Blog. Renaissance woman! She and her husband have put a lot of love into designing their cheery house in the Midwest, and her style has evolved beautifully, as you will see!

Hi guys! My name's Joi and I blog over at Nuestra Vida Dulce!

I am so happy Marissa invited me over to her blog to talk about my rebellious side. I laugh at that title because I am anything but a rebel in real life. I have always been the cautious and follow-the-rules type of gal. However, when it comes to decorating, I seem to follow my own rules! Who would've thought? I didn't always break the "rules". When we first bought our home I thought everything needed to match and I bought everything in a distinctive color scheme and my furniture had to be purchased in sets.

Exhibit A {our living room}:

Not a pretty sight, right? I believed that if I had one piece of dark-wood furniture then the rest of the room had to match. I also insisted that brown and teal were the only colors I could use. Wow. I chuckle looking back at these photos because I thought I really had it together. Funny stuff. As my tastes quickly evolved I started replacing my furniture sets with vintage thrifted finds and Craigslist pieces. I also threw my color scheme ideas out the window and brought in colors that made me happy and complemented one another.
No color schemes for me anymore and no matching metals. In fact, I think you can spot brushed nickel, brass, oil-rubbed bronze, and chrome in this shot alone. How daring, you say? : )


I know how to live on the wild side! Ok, maybe that's going a bit too far! I hope you enjoyed my living room transformation.
Thanks for having me, Marissa!


I am blown away by these before-and-after shots! So bright and coordinated (and masculine enough, too!)--definitely a far cry from her the aqua and brown days. You can see more of Joi's house on her wonderful blog.


tx.chelsea said...

I went for a very bold coral color in my living room and am struggling to pull it together. This room turned out fabulous though! I maybe wish I had gone more neutral like this, but who wants to pain all over again?!

Buckets And Bunches

Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I love a decorator who walks on the wild side. Joi has fabulous taste.

Kae said...

wow! that was an amazing transformation. I think I'm really going to like this little series a lot!

Joi said...

Thanks for having me, Marissa! You are such a lovely blog friend!


Melissa B. said...

Wow, what a world of difference! It is amazing what happens when you get rid of the matchy-matchy stuff and throw in unique furniture pieces and color!

Janna McCalley said...

Excited for this series! I love her blog too!