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May 30, 2011

designer textile beach towels?

I am loving my little beach vacation! I have never lived this close to the beach (4 hours away) so it's really fun to just pack up and go for a quick weekend trip. Wouldn't it be awesome if beach towels (or bath towels!) came in as many prints as textiles? The ones I have are pretty cute in comparison to most, but here are some favorite Schumacher prints I think would make great towels.

Oh my... what if Chiang Mai Dragon were a beach towel?

These are my deep thoughts from the beach.


emily said...

That would be an amazing idea!

hillaryaryn said...

these are wicked awesome! the colors are muted but bold, just how i like 'em :D

thx for sharing!

xo hillaryaryn @ anxiousalphabet