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April 14, 2011

i love louis

Dransfield & Ross via
There is no furniture style that I prefer over Louis, especially when it comes to the chairs. I'm in good company--Jonathan Adler and Charlotte Moss both said in the new TRADhome that Louis Bergere chairs are a staple in good traditional design. My personal favorite style is Louis XVI, which also got a great feature in TRADhome!

I really can't talk about Louis chairs without mentioning THE Louis of the moment.  It’s been used everywhere, but I’m still not over Kartell’s Louis Ghost Chair. I love it. It's trendy, and I think it might be one of the pieces that becomes very identifiable with this decade. But right now, I can't get enough of it.  Have you ever seen it look bad in a room? I haven't. The sleeker Victoria chair is really beautiful, too. 

This is my latest Louis find, and I am crazy about it. Louis outdoor furniture? Yes, please! I really love the fun, modern twist on the classic shape. It doesn't hurt that it comes in my three favorite colors.

I've been eyeing this pretty coral embroidered chair from Sears for a while now... it's beautiful but unattainable (for me) at $1000. I know, Sears?

I don’t own a Louis chair. Yet.  I’d like to fill the void in my life with this adorable Juicy Couture charm (if I could find it anywhere!). I hope the Easter Bunny reads my blog.


Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

I love my Louis Ghost Chair...a total impulse buy, facilitated by my fiance and Legend Brewery in Richmond (which is a short drive from La Difference, where I got mine). The purchase went like this:

(leaving Legend Brewery event)
Me: We're right near La Diff.
He: Let's stop.
(once inside)
Me: Aw, I love the Louis Ghost Chair so much.
He: It's more comfortable than that parson chair at the desk. Get it.

The End.

BTW, Charlotte Moss was supposedly making an appearance at Caspari yesterday (or is it today?).

Brooke @ Blueprint Bliss said...

I am not a big color person but that fabric on the first chair is so fun.

Found your blog via your comment on Bryn's laundry room post. Off to look around.

Lisa said...

"Bergere" and "louis" are two of my daily searches on craigslist--you can sometimes find them reasonably cheap to recover.

Jae said...

Totally agree. Really like that first colorful chair. I got two ghost chairs earlier this year. Even if they are trendy, I love them.