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April 28, 2011

design school: scale up!

Kelly Wearstler

"Always scale up, not down. Everyone is terrified of making things too big--if in doubt make it bigger, not smaller."
Roger Banks-Pye // Colefax and Fowler Interior Inspirations 

Two of the main principles of design are  
scale (the size of the items compared to the room)
and proportion (the size of the items compared to each other).

In general, you want to achieve balance in both scale and proportion. But when in doubt, I love the advice to go BIG rather than small.

First of all, I adore everything about this room. But did you notice how much space the bed takes up? It would have been fine to do a smaller bed (or just a headboard) in this room. But the big bed is such a statement piece.

Kelly Wearstler really likes to go dramatic with scale and proportion. Check out the over-sized art and lamps.

Go BIG or go home!

(It had to be said.)


Laura Trevey said...

Love that saying!!

Angeline said...

Love that "lace" art - thanks for the big idea!

ROOME said...

Totally agree with your statement...GO BIG!