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April 26, 2011

describing your personal style

"French Eclectic"
I recently took a handful of "find my style" quizzes online. On the one hand, I'm not particularly fond of putting anyone's style into a succinct little phrase because I think it's limiting. But it can also be incredibly useful to narrow your general style to a nice little package. You certainly don't have to take a quiz to figure out how to describe your style, but they are kind of fun. 

I would probably use some combination of the words traditional, vintage, soft, romantic, happy, or classic to describe my personal style. This quiz called my style "French Eclectic." And, yes, that does describe some of what I like. But I don't think it's even close to spot on for me.

You know what is spot on? Happy Chic = Jonathan Adler. That is the perfect name for his style.

How do you describe YOUR style?


Laura Trevey said...

Hi Marissa!

What a soothing and romantic room ~

Just a note to say hello and tell you I added your lovely blog to my blogroll. Have a great day!


Cara said...

gorgeous, just gorgeous!

Kirsten Krason said...

Good question. I always think of your style as soft, romantic, pretty, vintage and slightly preppy and I like the word new traditional for you as well.

Mine is so hard. Colorful Eclectic is what I think it boils down to.

Elena @ white picket fence said...

cool! I think I'm Beach chic eclectic?? Fun!

emily said...

That room is beautiful! I often try to think about how I would describe my style - but I am not really sure. Maybe vintage modern (which really makes no sense!) :)