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March 26, 2011

little things: lilly's notebook

I love Lilly's Notebook. Lilly's style is super colorful and bold--check out this amazing Wearstler-esque paint job she tried! In the end, she deemed it a fail... but isn't it so awesomely brave? For the last day of Men's Week (tear), Lilly is sharing some of the knick-knacks she keeps around that make her husband feel at home.


 Chris loves this backgammon board. He is always asking me to play. He would totally freak out if I got rid of it.  Fireplace tools are big. The blow poke is his favorite thing in the world.

Turvis Tumblers are Chris and my dad's favorite cup. I fill all of my cabinets with them. Chris also loves animals. The rest of my house is hot pink, regular pink, purple, magenta and red. That's how we like it over here (four girls and one guy)!

It's the little things that count. :) Thanks, Lilly!

And thank you to everyone who joined me for Men's Week!

1 comment:

Melissa Clark said...

That was brave of her. It is so hard when you spend that much time on art and you don't like it. But it's nice to know I am not the only one who does things like that. :) Thanks for posting this, I didn't know about her site and now I am loving it!