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March 21, 2011

achieving style: mr. goodwill hunting

Welcome to MENS WEEK!

I am thrilled to kick off this series with a guest post from a man of serious style and swagger--Rashon of Mr. Goodwill Hunting. He has created a glamorous home with thrift store finds, has a killer wardrobe (just check out his "Mixology Monday" series), and exudes complete confidence in his personal style. He has been kind enough to share his suggestions for establishing classic style through wardrobe staples, then using those cues to create classic, masculine interiors.


When it comes to my style, everything is personal. From what I wear to how I wear it, style is about displaying who I am outwardly. When I took on the task of furnishing my apartment, it was really easy for me because I simply dressed my condo the way that I would dress myself. I mix patterns and colors that I am most comfortable in.  

Although style is personal there are individuals that influence my personal style such as Fonzworth Bentley and Andre 3000. In home decor David Jeminez and Thomas O' Brien really exude the type feeling I am after. All of these gentlemen's style is classic with an unexpected twist. 

I always say if you are classic, you will never go out of style. In order for a man to achieve style that is classic there are some pieces he must have in his arsenal. Let's first start with his wardrobe. 

Having a black and a blue suit is so rudimentary. We are at a time now, where a gentleman should be past that and can invest more in being creative with colors and textures. Sometimes its about straddling the fence of being edgy, yet remaining true to a classic style. If one does this correctly he will have many days of compliments and eye raising looks. 

Aside from having a crisp white shirt a man should possess seasonal fabrics. These would include cotton and linen for the spring and wool blends and tweeds for the winter. Having distinguishable fabrics ensures he will always be appropriate, regardless of the weather.

When considering a man's home, his spaces should speak the same language as his wardrobe. Here is an image that was featured in Lonny magazine. On two separate occasions, two different friends sent it to me and told me they thought it remind them of me. They are correct. This image says a lot. 

J Crew is a quintessential men's brand that embodies that classic look of both casual and sometimes formal men's wear. So an actual showroom based on this idea was simple to do and even simple enough to transition as an example of a posh pad for men.

My home certainly reflects who I am. The colors are timeless and neutral. Red is a favorite color of mine so I infuse it in small doses wherever I can. I must admit, an oversized leather sofa does scream "man cave" when you see it. However a leather sofa can be updated, especially if you opt for a tufted chesterfield leather sofa. 

Dark colors, chrome, leather, wool blends are all great accent pieces to use in a space to make it more masculine. Stripes and plaids are not only great for the wardrobe, but are great for home as well. Small burst of color such as the above space present by Ron Marvin is a great way to avoid a cold and stark space. 

A lot of gentleman would like to update their spaces, but have limited allocated funds. When this happens I would suggest visiting a local thrift store and picking out shirts with patterns and simply framing them. The frames can be ornate and in any finish. This small and inexpensive task can really add personality and depth to a space. 

When it comes to possessing style for a man's home or his wardrobe it certainly can vary. I personally prefer classic and timeless style.

If you err on the side of classic, you will never go out of style. 


Fantastic advice. Thank you, Rashon! 
 For more, visit Mr. Goodwill Hunting.


Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

This is fantastic! Classic and timeless is my choice.

Chassity (Look Linger Love) said...

Awesome post. And great series idea!

Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

love this series, and I love his style!