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February 21, 2011

Jefferson Design

 Happy President's Day!

Given the holiday today, I thought I would share a few photos of the interior and architectural design work of President Thomas Jefferson.

I live within walking distance of one of Jefferson's greatest architectural accomplishments, The University of Virginia. Its crown jewel is the beautiful Rotunda, modeled after the Pantheon in Rome.

The university's Main Grounds are seriously stunning, and the Lawn has barely changed from Jefferson's original plan (though it's been rebuilt a few times). This is where I go jogging in nice weather. No big deal.

UVa Media Relations

Both the University Grounds and Jefferson's home, Monticello, have the most interesting and ingenious little features. This fireplace is built on the stairs between the second and third floors so the stairway isn't drafty. Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo, but isn't it cool?

I snapped this quick picture of an interior parlor--everything is true to Jeffersonian/Federalist style. Did you notice the incredible crown moulding and dentil trim? And the blue and gold trim inside the window?

Fun fact: Elizabeth Taylor is no longer welcome at the university after lounging on one of this room's very original, expensive antique settees in the 70s.

Happy President's Day! 


Jeannine @ Small and Chic said...

I speak in the dome room fairly routinely and every now and then, I get chills when I think about Jefferson, Madison, and Lafayette having dinner in the spot where I'm standing.

By the way, did you know Jefferson considered painting the inside of the dome like the night sky? Thank goodness that didn't happen!

They did cover the interior of the dome with metal sheeting in the 70s (it looks like the side of an airplane!), but that's coming down soon.

Jen@Organized-Design said...

What fabulous pictures. I hadn't seen some of those before. Thanks for sharing!

emily said...

What a great post for today. Those pictures are just stunning.

Sarah said...

They just don't make 'em like they used to!

So glad I found your blog today - I'm your newest fan and follower :)