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December 4, 2010

7: Guy Gifts

I have a hard time finding gifts for my husband. I can find plenty of things that I like for him or think he could use... but it's much harder to guess what he wants. Here are some of the gifts on the short list this year:

Anchorman Pencils | Earmark
The Pacific | Barnes and Noble
Chicago Neighborhood Poster | Ork Posters!
Tailored Cotton Two-button Blazer | Banana Republic
Clearplay DVD Player + Membership | Clearplay
Cassette Tape iPhone 4 Skin | Top Decals 
Wii Motion Plus | Best Buy

Hidden Message Collar Stays | The Hummingbird Nest


Lili said...

That iPhone skin is cool! Ha- blast from the past!

VictoriaArt said...

Love those pencils! Always good to have a guy gift list handy!
xox V.