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December 20, 2010

20: Castle Christmas

Ever wonder why we decorate Christmas trees?

Credit for popularizing the tree-trimming tradition is given to Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. They hung trees from the castle ceilings (?) or put them upon tables... of course, pretty much everyone puts them on the floor these days. Maybe that's where the tree skirt came from? An evolution from tablecloths?

The current Queen, Elizabeth, used to do a broadcast every Christmas morning to give a Holiday message and talk about the state of the kingdom. But what I'm most interested are the little peeks into the castle's Christmas decor! My favorite of these is from 2001--I love the copper and gold ornaments.


 2004: Yellow Drawing Room

 2007: 1844 Drawing Room
(what the... flat panel TV?)


 2009: White Drawing Room

And how about Queen Victoria's dinner service, all done up for the holidays? Wow. I would not like the job of polishing all that intricate silver!

1 comment:

Ali Rockwell said...

Beautiful. I would die to be in a castle on Christmas.