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September 30, 2010

Vintage Finds

I LOVE vintage furniture. LOVE. I see almost no reason to buy new, there are so many more beautiful options in vintage.

I spent an hour yesterday visiting two consignment shops in my town. Consignment stores can be overwhelming, because they're usually big warehouse-type spaces bursting at the seams with stuff. But in just an hour, I found several things I would have taken home with me for use in future projects, if I had a place to store them!

Forgive the iPhone photos...

This highboy was in perfect condition.

I haven't had the guts to paint any of my own vintage furniture yet-- I like the traditional look of wood, and I feel like I'd be ruining some piece of history if I cover up the original finish. But something about this sideboard just screams "paint me!"


 The lines on this desk/vanity are so beautiful and unique.

I especially like the legs on this coffee table, and the little gold feet.

I also found some smaller accessories to love. I have a thing for empty gilt frames.

The picture does not do this teacup and saucer justice. I'm trying to convince myself it would make good jewelry storage.

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September 29, 2010

Pillow Crush

Schumacher's Zenyatta Mondata, peacock colorway. From Etsy seller Woody Liana.

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September 28, 2010

Giveaway: Blomma

Erika designs the cutest cards for her shop, blomma (which means "flower" in Swedish). Her current line features adorable renderings of man's best friend. And if your favorite breed isn't there, she does custom orders! Check out her shop here. And while you're at it, also check out her blog-- it's one of my new favorites.

Today, she is giving away any two sets of her dog cards. My personal favorites are the Bulldog and the Lab wearing a Halloween mask, but the winner can choose any breed(s)!

 To enter the giveaway...

Visit blomma, then come back and comment on your favorite two sets.

For a second entry, become a Roost follower and leave a second comment when you do so!

This giveaway will close on Friday, October 1... good luck!

September 27, 2010

Smelling good!

My new place is smelling great these days. The "apartment smell" (you know the one, industrial cleaner) is basically gone, and now it smells like home.

My philosophy on scents (and many other things) is very seasonal, so I rotate 3-4 times per year. The scent contributes so much to the ambiance of a space, it's almost like a hidden layer of decor. I like my decor to be somewhat seasonal, so I match the scent to the season as well.

This Fall, I'm loving the Vanilla Amber scent from the "Bella" line by Illume. It is the perfect soft, subtle scent. The packaging is beautiful. And the best part is, the "Bella" line is sold at Target... which means it's totally affordable.

A similar option is Voluspa's Baltic Amber. It looks great and smells divine, but costs almost twice as much.

For the Winter, I love Illume's Winter Berry. It's like Christmas in a jar. I can't wait to use it!

For the Summer, I love Volcano by Capri Blue. Smells like Anthropologie. Yum. It also comes in a pretty mercury glass jar.

I'm still searching for the perfect Spring scent. Something herb-y and clean. Most of the time, I just throw open the windows and enjoy the fresh smell of the outdoors... not bad!

September 24, 2010

found: leaves

My favorite season is here! I love warm weather, but about this time of year I'm getting really antsy for the weather to cool and the leaves to change. Who doesn't love fall?

one - two - three - four - five - six - seven - eight

September 22, 2010

Another take on the gallery wall

The entryway to my little apartment is very long and skinny. I wanted to do something nice to the entry, since it's the introduction to my home... but the space is incredibly awkward for receiving guests (and there is also no way to get a good picture of it, as you will see).

I decided a nice, large-ish photo gallery would be a good way to pull people's attention away from the tunnel feeling and cover a lot of space on the long wall. There are a million ways to get a frame collage onto the wall, but here is how I did mine:

1. Lay out all the frames on the ground and decide where you want to place them

I wanted my grouping to have a little bit of visual movement, so it is purposely not symmetrical.

2. Flip the frames over to show their hangers


3. Trace the outline and hanger of each frame onto long pieces of wax paper

I wanted to get an idea of exactly how my grouping would look on the wall. I've seen a lot of tutorials that use newsprint cut to the size of each frame, but this was much less labor-intensive, reflected exactly how I laid my frames out on the floor, and I could nail right into my markings. I used a sharpie to draw on three pieces of wax paper taped together in the middle.

4. Tape the wax paper to the wall

I used both a measuring tape and a level to make sure I had it up there correctly.

5. Nail directly onto the markings for each frame's hanger

This was the best part about using the translucent paper. I marked exactly where each frame needed a nail, and it was completely accurate. I just nailed straight through the paper, then tore it down.

6. Hang the frames!

Except when you do it, hang them straight.
I had two frames that didn't have hanging mechanisms on the back... which I didn't realize until I had already laid everything out. So I hung them with ribbon, and I actually like the variety.

I think my little gallery wall turned out pretty well. Next project: an entry bench!
And pictures for those empty frames :)

September 20, 2010

Drawer Pulls

I recently bought a white vintage vanity from Craigslist. It was a total steal, and I love it as my desk/nighstand. The drawer pulls are a little outdated, so I've been perusing options. There truly is a drawer pull to match every taste, including bird skulls. (Not my idea of a good time.)

Here are some of my favorite online finds:

Bottom: Anthropologie Color Swatch - Pietre Garden - Newly Hatched

September 17, 2010

Loving: Keep Calm And...

tops from Keep Calm Shop
bottoms from 3 Lambs Graphics

Etsy has some hilarious "Keep Calm and Carry On" spin-offs. At this point, the trend has become a little bit overdone, so I appreciate a fresh take (and a good laugh).

September 16, 2010

Jenna's Advice: Interior Style

The style advice Jenna Lyons gave on Oprah is so versatile, it can apply not only to fashion, but also to interiors.

Make a statement with jewelry.
The obvious translation of jewelry for interiors is accessories. You can make a statement using a large (but cohesive... for the love) collection of trinkets or just a few carefully selected pieces. I love this dresser vignette from Caitlin Creer. In a very literal application of this piece of advice, she uses some actual jewelry to jazz up the space. And why not? Jewelry is beautiful, there's no need to hide it.

Balance feminine pieces with tomboy accents.

 Even Shabby Chic queen Rachel Ashwell isn't all about the girly. In this kitchen, she has used more "masculine" elements like the exposed walls and ducts, clean-lined cabinetry, industrial pendants, and glossy concrete floors to balance the femininity of the crystal chandelier, flowers, and floral china.

Use opposites.


Rooms that look straight off the showroom floor or a period textbook are so boring. Mixing styles, colors is what makes a room personal, unique, and interesting. I love this use of traditional art and frames within an otherwise modern room.

This is also a good idea because your taste will change over time. If you have a lot of variety, there's a better chance you can mix things up to fit your changing taste. HGTV has a nice little gallery of ideas on how to combine design styles here.

Mix textures.

Eric Cohler
What it lacks in color, this little bathroom corner makes up for in terms of texture. Shiny, brushed, and satin metallic finishes, wood, porcelain, tile, lucite, cotton, textured wallpaper... the options for texture are as many as the options for color.


From this shot of Jenna's living room, you can see she uses her own advice... and it works!

September 15, 2010

Style Advice from Jenna Lyons

A few months ago, J. Crew president and executive creative director Jenna Lyons visited the Oprah show to talk about her incredible job and gave a few simple and translatable personal style tips:
  • Make a statement with jewelry
  • Balance feminine pieces with tomboy accents
  • Wear opposites
  • Mix textures
These tips are so easy and universal. They can apply to any style, not just the J. Crew look (which I happen to love).

 Jane Aldridge via Sea of Shoes

Jane and Judy Aldridge are practically the queens of statement jewelry (not to mention, fabulous shoes). They use proportion, color, and unusual subject matter to pull outfits together with their jewelry.

Kim Kardashian via Olsen Twin News

I love how Kim Kardashian uses this broad-shouldered menswear blazer to balance her slim black ankle pants and adorable feminine bow pumps. A kind of casual update on the early 90s shoulder pad look.

The pieces of this outfit are so random, and the style is pulled from all over the place! A preppy black headband and belt, classic denim shirt, hannah montana pants, and jungle logger boots. It would be hard to put more opposites into one look!

via mystyle

Wool, knit, patent, tights, leather... Diane Kruger makes this nearly all-black ensemble look fantastic and not at all goth by mixing so many interesting textures.

Jenna's tips translate to interior style as well. Tune in tomorrow for advice how to translate these tips at home!

September 14, 2010

Talking Towels

Towels are one of the easiest ways to change the mood of a bathroom, because they can be featured or downplayed in so many ways... and are much easier and cheaper to change than most bathroom fixtures.

Stephen Shubel via House Beautiful

A pop of color? 

Vincente Wolf via House Beautiful

The spa look? 

  Pottery Barn


Caitlin Wilson via Caitlin Wilson Design

This discussion can also be carried to the kitchen! I think using towels are your main source of color is genius. It's so punchy and fun, but you could also change your color scheme as often as you wanted for very little money. 

As pillows are to living rooms and bedrooms, towels are to bathrooms and kitchens-- a cheap, easy, and effective change!

Towels I'm loving:

Great colors from Lands' End

Subtle, soothing pattern from Anthropologie

Classic stripes from Pottery Barn

September 13, 2010

Photo Galleries

I'm in the process of finding something inexpensive and big to display above our sofa. I already have a few picture frame collages in other rooms, so I was trying to go for something different. But nearly every picture I collect for inspiration comes back to some kind of photo display!

Here are some ideas:

I love these clipboard rows. They wold be so easy to use for displaying photos, patterned paper or fabric. And really easy to switch up.

The postcard picture rail might be great for a creative space like a home office, but maybe a little too busy for the living room.

Source Unknown

I don't know what to say about this beside I AM OBSESSED. I love the way these photos are sort of hung in a pattern, but there is enough variance to keep it from being stuffy

 Source Unknown

This gallery is classic and fun. It would be great even without the wallpaper, but the wallpaper really makes it stand out. If I could hang wallpaper in my rental, you bet I'd slap it up there right now. A great example of using neutrals in an interesting way. Love.

Oh, hello inspiration-not-using-picture-frames. These mirrors are gorgeous... but unfortunately, if I used these on my big blank wall, the only thing in the reflection would be my husbands' big screen.

The hunt continues...